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Abercrombie and Fitch Interview


Abercrombie and Fitch Interview?


{I recently|Recently i} went {in for|set for} {an interview|a job interview} {at a|in a} nearby store. {Before the|Prior to the} interview, i researched {things that|stuff that} maillot de foot pas cher {I should|I ought to} {be aware of|be familiar with} {such as|for example} my attire, possible questions {and just|and acheter maillot de foot france merely} notes {on what|on which} Im {going to|likely to} encounter.


{The day|Your day} {of the|from the} interview came. I {came in|arrived} {with a|having a} gray {tank top|tshirt} and {navy blue|deep blue} cardigan (both from hco) {and a pair of|and two} abercrombie jeans. {I also|I additionally} wore their leather {flip flops|sandals}. I went {in a few|in some} mins early. achat de maillot de foot pas cher {I was|I had been} {looking for|searching for} {other people|others} {that might be|that could be} {in the|within the} group interview {with me|beside me} but {there seemed to be|there seems to be} nobody there {for an|to have an} interview. {I asked|Gurus} {one of the|among the} associates there {and she|and she or he} {told me|explained} {to hold|to carry} on {and she|and she or he} ask. {A manager|A supervisor} {told me|explained} {that the|the} manager who interviews {is acheter maillot de foot not|isn't} around yet. I waited about five mins til she {came out with|announced} an mit.


{The interview|The job interview} {was REALLY|really was} fast. They {asked me|inquired about} about 45 questions. {Based on|According to} my research, theyre {supposed to|designed to} {ask about|inquire about} 8. She didnt even finish reading {some of the|a few of the} "rules" {to me|in my experience}. Im worried. {its been|it has been} {two days|2 days} {since the|because the} interview {and no|with no} call back.