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Kearin said he's writing {a report|a study}, {which he|that they} {will present|will show} to president Jolene Koester Jolene Koester {is the|may be the} president of California State University, Northridge. The California State University Board of Trustees announced her appointment as president on November 16, 1999, {and she|and she or he} took office {as the|because the} fourth president {of the|from the} University on July 1, 2000. sometime {this week|now}, outlining {a way to|a method to} keep football {as well as|in addition to} balance {the budget|your budget}.CSUN CSUN California State University Northridge athletic director Dick A&F Pas Cher Dull was asked by Koester {over Abercrombie Pas Cher the|within the} summer {to write|to create} {a report|a study} to balance {the budget|your budget}, estimated at $725,000 {this year|this season}. In Dull's report Oct. 1, he recommended Koester eliminate football.Kearin declined {to discuss|to go over} {specifics of|more knowledge about} {the plan|the program} but {said it|said hello} addresses {the issues|the problems} of gender equity, opportunities {and the|and also the} budget.What we're {trying to|attempting to} do is {create a|produce a} situation where football {and probably|and in all likelihood} both {men's and women's|women's and men's} basketball are {bringing in|getting} the Abercrombie France revenue {they should|they ought to} {for the size|is bigger} {of this|of the} university competing Abercrombie And Fitch Pas Cher {at the|in the} level we compete at,'' {he said|he explained}.What I'm {looking for|searching for} Looking forIn the context of general equities, this describing a buy {interest in|curiosity about} {which a|that your} dealer is {asked to|inspired to} offer stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of {in touch with|in contact with}.[Probably cock1 + eye.] , flybynight, desperate act {of a|of the} dying program. It's well {thought out|considered}. {I think|I believe} {we can|we are able to} bring this athletic department {to the|towards the} {21st century|Twenty-first century} both competitively and compliantly.''Koester said she'll {make a decision|come to a decision} Abercrombie & Fitch by Thanksgiving, {which is|that is} Nov. 22, but {she is|she's} {expected to|likely to} {make it|allow it to be} after Abercrombie And Fitch CSUN's last game against Portland State on Nov. 17.Kearin said he doesn't expect Abercrombie {to play|to experience} this Saturday either.Home sweet home: CSUN (16) {will play|will have} its final home game perhaps {in the|within the} {history of|good reputation for} {the program|this program} against Sacramento State on Saturday at North Campus Stadium. It's {one of|certainly one of} just two CSUN home games {this season|this year}. The Matadors' lone win {this year|this season} a 4737 victory over Western Oregon was at North Campus Stadium.