talk scarpe nike air max to the man

posted on 09 Jul 2013 10:31 by nikeause

1433 E John St Seattle


I recently dropped off 10 men shirts and a pair of pants at Green Dry Cleaners. Since I was in a hurry I grabbed the receipt and rushed off, assuming it would be a decent price, especially with their advertised 30 percent off. I came back three days later (the earliest they would be available), and got my bill for 68.68 after tax. I made sure there wasn an error, and I was told fitflops in broken English that was the correct total. Outraged, I paid my bill and I never intend to go there again. I in favor of saving the environment but not if it costs almost triple what my usual dry cleaning does. Look elsewhere for costeffective cleaning.


I was so so disappointed for the service I received from the owner of this place. At the end, I felt nike air max pretty angry and helpless of what they have done to my beautiful dress! I had a very small, unnoticeable deodorant stains. When I took it in, the owner, said the following, with limited English, looking at the stains, come out. He seemd to assure me that it was not going to be a problem and took my dress. With that in mind, I left it the to do the job. And, since the stains were so fresh and small, I thought that it would not be a problem. However, I was shocked when I got the dress back. The stains were bigger in that there were two big rings which seemded to be discolored. Moreover, the dress did not look like it been dry cleaned. I tried flip flop singapore to talk scarpe nike air max to the man, and he denied the whole conversation we had about him stating that it will almost come out. He also walked away from the conversation. I did not know what to do since it was his words .