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posted on 10 Jul 2013 15:33 by nikeause

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In The Newsindex," the surprising admission by the head from the clothing chain h and says the business's models have been too skinny and he is dedicated to doing something about this. Abc's dan harris has that story. Reporter: It is an industry where camisetas de futbol baratas thin is definitely in, in which the faces staring out from the pages of glossy magazines often bare little resemblance towards the actual customers where models are often gaunt and underfed camisetas de futbol creating an unattainable ideal for impressible young girls and loud complaints from critics and fogeys. Individuals are starting to say we are changing demographics, we want to see fashion brands promoting other physical structure aside from the stick thin traditional model. Reporter: Into this supercharged atmosphere walks the young ceo of h one of the world's largest clothing retailers with an eyebrow admission karljohan saying a lot of our designs include been too skinny. That's not okay. They have a huge responsibility and he wants to show diversity within our advertising and never give people the impression that camisetas futbol baratas women need to look a specific way. Which is why he states the organization recently hired jennie runk, 5'10" and size 12 camisetas futbol to 14 to be a star of their swimsuit campaign. There needs to be moddings of every shape, size, color, type, everywhere in any media. Reporter: Runk is definitely an outspoken defender and of the mean girl culture that says otherwise. After i reached know and love my body system I recognize I'm the only person that can judge me. Reporter: H points out apart from using runk they are using beyonce who is a little curvier in the ads, as well. I have faith that the models within our advertising need to look sound and healthy, he explained. When a ceo of the major clothing company like h makes this sort of a stand individuals are forced to give consideration and it's definitely time. Reporter: So will these moves by h young ceo bleed to the rest of the fashion industry? Customers care about these problems says persson and that puts pressure upon us as companies. For "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, ny.